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Open House

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The “Wellness Recovery Resiliency Hub” and the “Family Education and Resource Center” (FERC) are now open for business at the Eastmont Town Center! We are celebrating by hosting our Open Houses on the same day; Wednesday September 23rd. We invite you to drop-in anytime between 2pm and 6pm. More details:

  • Light refreshments
  • A good time in our welcoming, relaxing and beautiful offices
  • A bit about what we offer BHCS programs, consumer organizations and family organizations
  • Here is a flyer to post in your office

Location: Eastmont Town Center. 7200 Bancroft Avenue, Oakland CA 94605

  • FERC: Suite 269 (2nd floor, South East End of the Mall, next door to the Town Center Security Office )
  • HUB: Suite 125B (1st Floor, West Side of the Mall, between BHCS Oakland Community Support Center and BHCS Children’s Specialized Services)

FERC Programme: Meet the new Program Director, the Family Advocates, the Training Coordinator, the Warm Line Information and Referral Specialist and the backbone of FERC; the wonderful administrative staff. Learn how the FERC came to be. See the robust resource library and our Children’s Room. Have a sneak peek at our new mural. Learn how FERC will work within Alameda County to provide education, hope, support and advocacy for our BHCS families. Learn about our collaborative plans to empower the family voice in the care of their loved ones. We want to thank you for your support, advocacy and vision.

Hub Programme:

  • 2:00pm - 4:00pm Wellness Activities: LIFE Bingo; add your voice to our “HOPE Wall”; goodies and party favors in each team members’ office
  • 4:00pm - 6:00pm Meet the Hub Team & Thanking our Patrons and Partners
    • Welcome/Music
    • Introducing the Hub Team
    • Honoring our patrons (patrons are people who joined us in our vision and have been indispensible allies in bringing us to this moment).
    • Honoring our partnerships with BHCS programs