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What We Offer

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Our aim is to help develop leadership teams that build on “what works” and:

Here is a menu of what we can do for you. We use a variety of methods that can be used separately or combined to suit your needs.

Recovery Education Dialogues (using a technique called Focused Conversation) ~ where any combination of staff, consumers and family members have an opportunity to further their understanding of wellness, recovery and resiliency by listening to the perspectives of other participants. Builds rapport among teams holding diverse understandings of recovery.

"Appreciative Inquiry" Focus Groups~ consumers, family members and providers talk about “What works, What gets in the way and What provides hope” in finding a life with meaningful choices in the community. Helps teams understand which services and community experiences have the biggest impact on a person’s recovery.

Consensus Workshops~ a facilitation method used to assist participants with diverse perspectives to find common ground on a variety of wellness, recovery, resiliency issues. This method can be used to choose which new wellness practices your program may want to offer to consumers and family members.

Action Planning~ a structured, concise technique for identifying and planning short-term wellness, recovery resiliency events or projects. This method can be used to figure out “next steps” in how to develop and implement a new wellness practice for your program or organization.

Recovery Event Planning~ Our team will help you design meetings, retreats and other events where: decisions are made; wellness knowledge, skills and experiences are shared; and community is built.

Consumer Empowerment / Leadership Training~