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Our History

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“The Wellness Recovery Resiliency Hub” is funded through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), and was carefully designed to support systems transformation.

The Hub was rated #1 of the twenty “Community Services and Supports” proposals submitted by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services (BHCS) to the State Department of Mental Health in May of 2006 (see Wellness Recovery Resource Center Proposal Summary). The Hub was designed by consumers, family members and providers participating on the MHSA Adult Planning Panel’s “Wellness Recovery Workgroup” during the Spring/Summer of 2005. The workgroup developed its proposal based on community meetings, data analysis and issue papers that documented the needs of consumers, family members and providers and identified openings for change in our system. The full proposal can be found here.

The Wellness Recovery Resource Center (the Hub’s original name) was designed to bring a wellness orientation into our behavioral health system. The original proposal offered a blueprint for systems change through the work of five divisions: (i) Technical Assistance and Training Program; (ii) Workforce Development Program; (iii) Housing Support Program; (iv) Peer Support “On-Site” Direct Services Center and the (v) Family Caregiver Support Center (this division was jointly developed by the Wellness Recovery Workgroup, the Children and Youth Planning Panel and the Alameda County Family Coalition).

Because the proposal was so far-reaching, the Hub Team chose to first implement the Technical Assistance and Training division. The Hub Team is partnering with the following BHCS divisions, organizations and projects to realize the vision of the original blueprint:

The Hub currently supports systems transformation by working closely with these programs and by: