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Wellness Recovery Resiliency Hub
7200 Bancroft Avenue, Suite 125B
(First Floor, Eastmont Town Center)
Oakland, CA 94605

FAX Number: (510) 577-7033
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Margaret Walkover MPH, Director: 510-577-3591 (

Steve Bucholtz, M.Ed., Wellness Educator: 510-577-3593  (

Jaleah Winn, B.A. Wellness Educator: 510-577-3594  (


Hub Team members, as a group, offer:

  • Knowledge, skills and experience in recovery education curriculum development, designing and facilitating recovery education workshops and seminars, technical assistance, event planning, leadership development and direct services
  • Lived experience as family members and consumers of behavioral health services

Read our Bios (Steven Bucholtz, Wellness Educator; Jaleah Winn, Wellness Educator; Margaret Walkover, Director)

Steven Bucholtz, M.Ed.    
Wellness Educator

Steven Bucholtz has been providing hope to others by sharing stories of recovery since he graduated from the BestNow! recovery education training in December of 1998. His career in recovery education has included being coordinator of BestNow! for two years where he restructured and enhanced the BestNow! curriculum; and four years as a Vocational Services Specialist with Alameda County Vocational Program (ACVP). Steven’s work at ACVP included developing and managing career exploration workshops. He also facilitated S.H.A.R.E. meetings where providers, consumers and community partners shared how to maintain wellness.

Steven is a certified trainer in “Technology of Participation” facilitation method. Within our team, he is known for his creativity, his sense of humor and for his significant expertise in recovery education curriculum development.

He has a B.A. in Speech Pathology and a M.Ed. in Education from Holy Names University. Steven spent over fifteen years as a classroom teacher, teaching at every level from preschool to college, including two years as a high school instructor in Japan.

Steven is dedicated to wellness, recovery and resiliency and is excited about being a part of the transformation that is taking place within Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services. Steven’s perspective on mental health recovery have been shaped by his experiences as a family member. Steven is deeply interested in spirituality and its importance in the lives of those in recovery. He is also a member of the BHCS Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC). He lives in Oakland and his hobbies including interior decorating, reading, travel and foreign languages.

Jaleah Winn, B.A.    
Wellness Educator

Jaleah Winn started her career as a recovery educator in 2005. Jaleah participated in PEERS’ Wellness Recovery Action Plan trainings and support groups , where she learned how to facilitate recovery support groups for consumers. This training prepared her to work with Bay Area Community Services (BACS). Jaleah’s employment process with BACS began when she became a member of the Townhouse Creative Living Center. As a member at Townhouse, Jaleah participated in their employment program by working with her peers on the clerical team. She moved on to complete a temporary employment placement (TEP) at the Mental Health Association. Her work at the Mental Health Association led to an internship at BACS’ Valley Creative Living Center where she led WRAP groups. As she progressed through the BACS employment program Jaleah set a goal to become a peer provider. Jaleah met that goal in 2006 when she took a position as a Mental Health Worker at the Four Bridges Creative Living Center in Alameda.

Jaleah is a certified trainer in “Technology of Participation” facilitation methods and also completed the “Listening Well” certification to share personal stories of recovery. Jaleah also has experience as an elementary school teacher. Within our team, she is known for her grace, diligence, desire and efforts to build inclusivity.

Jaleah is a member of the BHCS Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC), the Alameda County Vocational Strategic Planning Group, and has taken a lead role in the BHCS Wellness Center and Self-Help Expansion Workgroup. Her perspective on mental health recovery has been shaped by her experience as a family member. Jaleah is proud that she has developed confidence to share her story of hope and discuss mental health issues. Jaleah says ”It is because of my spirituality, support of peers, family and providers that I am able to maintain wellness.”

Jaleah’s interests include collecting masks, collecting poetry, exercise/dance and exploring new foods.

Margaret Walkover, MPH    

Margaret Walkover has worked in the field of community mental health for nineteen years. Her training is in strategic planning, recovery education, consumer employment and organizational development.

Margaret’s work experience in recovery education started in 1998, when she joined the staff of the California Mental Health Directors Association (CMHDA). Her first task was to coordinate a statewide Consumer Employment Initiative. After the first year, it became clear that a statewide Recovery Education Initiative effort was needed in order to counter the belief that mental health consumers were not able to work. Margaret then partnered with the California Institute for Mental Health (CIMH) and its Statewide Wellness Recovery Task Force to design and coordinate trainings on recovery practices and programs. This work included conducting recovery education dialogues with consumers, family members, providers, psychiatrists, program managers and administrative staff in counties across California. During this time, Margaret developed the “Mental Health Roadmap,” a website that offers California’s consumers and family members information about mental health and helps people find local sources of self-help and clinical support. In 2003, Margaret coordinated the Bay Area Wellness Consortium, a CIMH sponsored leadership collaborative that promoted the sharing of wellness practices and strategies across counties.

Margaret joined BHCS in 2004 as the Senior MHSA Planner. In that capacity she worked in the Office of the Mental Health Director to produce our county’s MHSA Community Services and Supports plan. Margaret became the Hub Director in 2007 and is committed to its mission to help programs build on their strengths and increase the kinds of services and supports that people-in-recovery and their caregivers/supporters need to live meaningful lives, guided by their own choices, in their communities.

Margaret earned her B.A. at the University of California at Berkeley and her Masters in Public Health at the Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, CT. Margaret is a family member and is grateful for the wisdom about mental health she has learned from the consumers, providers and family members with whom she has worked over the years. She maintains her wellness by meditating, eating well, exercising, reading, traveling and spending time with her family.